A Planted Tree

Our journey through adoption, cleft lip/palate & parenthood

Cleft Palate Symposium

On November 19, 2016 we attended the Providence Saint John's 48th Annual Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Symposium in Santa Monica, CA. A friend from church heard about the symposium through her speech pathology course and recommended that we attend. Let... Continue Reading →



Drooling It's very common for children with cleft palates to drool a lot, perhaps longer than non-cleft affected babies do. I was told this is because babies with clefts aren't able to learn how to suck when they are infants, and... Continue Reading →

Taking care of yourself, the caregiver

It’s tempting to try to go on the liquid diet with your child, maybe in secret hopes of losing a few pounds or perhaps trying to empathize with your child by suffering alongside them. Don’t do it! I admit I... Continue Reading →

Feeding: The 2nd Week Post-Op

Feeding tips for liquid solid foods (yogurt, pudding, thinned mashed potatoes, etc.)

Preparing a Toddler for Surgery

I had googled "how to prepare your toddler for surgery" about a week before surgery, wondering how to explain to Zach that someone was going to go into his mouth, make some cuts and sew up his palate, and then tell him he wouldn't be able to eat "real" food for 2 weeks.

Prepping Our House for Post-Surgery Recovery

Some practical tips on how to prepare your house for post cleft palate surgery recovery.

Feeding: The First Week Post-Op

Feeding tips and tricks for the first week post-surgery.

Surgery Day

How everything went on the day of surgery

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